Build to Breakthrough is a Functional Hypertrophy training program designed to increase muscle size (hypertrophy) while prioritizing functional movement patterns. This program places a spotlight on the glutes, with Hip Thrusts taking center stage on every Strength Day. Let's dive deeper into its unique features!

Benefits of Hip Thrusts:

Hip Thrusts stand out as one of the most effective exercises for glute activation and development, specifically targeting the gluteus maximus. Their impact extends beyond aesthetics, proven to enhance strength, athletic performance, and posture. Additionally, they contribute to injury prevention by bettering stability in both the glutes and core. At Body by GLOW, we're passionate about the transformative power of HIP THRUSTS!

Descending Rep Method:

Our program incorporates the descending rep method, strategically reducing reps or duration with each subsequent set. This technique induces metabolic stress on the muscles, a crucial factor associated with muscle growth, improved endurance, and elevated calorie expenditure.

Compound Movements:

Build to Breakthrough places an emphasis on multi-joint exercises such as squats, deadlifts, and bench presses. These compound movements form the foundation of the program, engaging multiple muscle groups and replicating real-life movements. At Body by GLOW, we're not just about building strength; we're shaping strength for LIFE—whether it's playing with your children, carrying groceries, or reaching for the remote.

Flexibility & Range of Motion:

Dynamic stretching is seamlessly integrated into all Warm Ups and Cool Downs throughout the 4-week program. This ensures a continuous improvement in flexibility while maintaining, or even enhancing, a healthy range of motion.

“Body by GLOW: The ultimate offering to transform your body, the home of your being.”

This 4-week program consists of four workouts each week, each lasting less than an hour. For me, the essence of a workout lies in its ability to be enjoyable while bringing you on a journey from start to finish. In our Full Body Strength days within Build to Breakthrough, we progress through three distinct blocks, each offering its unique flavor. The initial block focuses on inducing fatigue with the Hip Thrusts. In the second block, we intensify our reps and minimize rest time, dynamically switching between opposite muscle groups (a personal favorite). Finally, a Body by GLOW workout wouldn't be complete without a Burn Block, where we reach our highest rep count of the day, targeting smaller muscles that complement the work done in the initial blocks.

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