2023 was a year like no other.

I fully committed to betting on myself and took the year to build my own company. The first 6 months were a whirlwind of testing, trying, birthing ideas, and creation—the final sprint of the ideation phase. The last 6 months were WORK. I learned so much about business, branding, tech, you name it... and most importantly, I learned owning your own business is no light feat. I am proud of committing to the journey and expanding my being through the experience.

What I accomplished in 2023 fascinates me, and I am proud of committing to the journey and expanding my being through the experience.

5 things I am leaving behind in 2023:

1. Fear

The number one thing that cripples us from expansion.

2. Doubt

Stemming from fear, doubt comes from our ego. It serves no purpose.

3. Expectation

Triggering fear and doubt, expectations are best left behind.

4. Pressure

Inducing anxiety and stress, pressure takes the joy out of it.

5. Comparison

Everyone has a unique path and story. Comparing often paralyzes authentic progression.

In 2024, I am committing to strengthening my relationship with self.

HOW am I leaving these behind?

In a moment of rising emotions, ask yourself: “Are these my emotions, or are they from someone/something around me?” Identifying the true root of emotions is key; often, these emotions don’t stem from self but are picked up from our surroundings.
Prioritize healthy social environments. In 2024, take action. Eliminate unhealthy influences from your life. Not limited to: coworkers, friends, social media accounts, you name it. Learn to create healthy limitations, protect your peace, and prioritize YOU.
Stimulate your intellectual well-being. Pick up a new hobby, read a new book, learn about something you always wanted to. As you clear out your space in 2024, recognize that decluttering creates more time for self, and what you do with that time matters!
Movement is key to success. As you eliminate pressure, look at movement and fitness through a new lens—one that is healthy, supportive, and offers longevity. Say goodbye to burnout and welcome sustainability in the new year.
In 2024, I plan to prioritize JOY & WELLNESS. Life is moving fast, and change is rapid. Nothing is guaranteed, so why the rush, anxiety, pressure, and stress? I urge you to shift the narrative and step back into the driver's seat of your own life. We all deserve abundant wellness. This, my friend, is up to us. Take responsibility for your actions, your lack of actions, your joy, peace, financial situations and beyond. Step into being the ultimate creator of your reality and say goodbye to being a victim in 2024.
With light,Gabby Sansosti